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The most incredible article about conflicting advice you’ll ever read about CIMT

My child dislikes therapy? Will he/she be bored?

We tailor our sessions around play, therefore, making participation fun to the child. The majority of children adapt quickly to the cast and the majority look forward to returning the next day and even want to come for repeat programmes (many have!). For CIMT to be successful we need to make the environment and therapy fun for the child.Isn’t the cast invasive and cause my child to be frustrated?

Any constraint has the potential to be invasive but from our experiences, we have not seen this. Initially, when the cast goes on for the first time there is a little bit of frustration as is to be expected. But by the way, we tailor our programmes and by engaging the children in fun activities, they soon forget about the cast and build their confidence with their hemiplegic arm.

Will CIMT be harmful to my child?

More than 50 people have visited our clinics to date, and no one has had any ill effects. The programmes are individually designed to your child and we make them as fun as possible. There can be times when children may become frustrated at not achieving a task but we closely monitor this and always use positive reinforcement and praise throughout our sessions.My GP or therapist states my child wouldn’t benefit from CIMT?

We get this question asked often. I would ask your therapist or GP to look at all the evidence regarding CIMT and its positive outcomes that they have found and here at CIMT, we agree that CIMT can benefit the majority of children with hemiplegia. If you have any concerns regarding the suitability for your child please contact us on 0330 223 0077 and one of our therapists will discuss more with you.

My GP or therapist claims CIMT will “re-wire” my child’s brain incorrectly?

As above there is a wealth of evidence to dispute this claim. CIMT is designed on neuroplasticity and everything in what we know about how the brain best responds to practice. Experienced therapists lead all our sessions and programmes and therefore the sessions are planned around your child’s specific impairments. Hence why our results have been extremely positive.

If you have any further questions or want to get to know more about our service feel free to give one of our therapists a call on 0330 223 0077 or visit our CIMT website.



Article written by Elliot

As a trained CIMT therapist, I love seeing the amazing changes that people make throughout the programme. I enjoy the intensity of the programme and the bond you make with the patients and their families, but making the programme fun to me is very important to me as seeing the patients have fun whilst they improve is very rewarding.

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