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Top 5 Bimanual Christmas Toys 2017

Every parent knows how hard it is to buy Christmas presents for their children. There are so many toys and games to choose from… So which ones are worth your attention? Here are the top 5 bimanual Christmas toys every child would be happy to get!

  • Fisher Price Codeapillar

Fisher-Price-Codeapillar 20 Must Have Christmas Toys for Children 2017 Fisher-Price-Codeapillar-2 20 Must Have Christmas Toys for Children 2017

If you are looking for an easy way to help your child learn more about coding, then you have to get this motorized caterpillar. It is a perfect choice for those parents who want to introduce their children to computer coding. The motorized caterpillar features colourful lights, amusing sound effects and music. It can also be programmed by its young users, whose ages range from three to six years old, to move through obstacles. Also perfect for getting your child to use both hands as they interlink each caterpillar piece together.

  • VTech Toot Toot drivers Goldmine Train Set

VTech-Toot-Toot-Drivers-Goldmine-Train-Set 20 Must Have Christmas Toys for Children 2017 VTech-Toot-Toot-Drivers-Goldmine-Train-Set-1 20 Must Have Christmas Toys for Children 2017

It is one of the newest playsets to be presented by VTech for children in this year. The train set consists of 32 track pieces, motorized mining train, cargo car, mine mountain and 9 SmartPoint locations for introducing early language skills in addition to 3 songs and 17 melodies for more entertainment.

  • Star Wars BB-8
BB-8-1 20 Must Have Christmas Toys for Children 2017

“It is the hottest remote-controlled Star Wars toy to be presented for kids in this year” Needless to say perfect for getting your little one to use both hands as they cause chaos driving it around the house.

  • Bright Starts Having a ball Get Rollin Activity Table

Bright-Starts-Having-a-Ball-Get-Rollin-Activity-Table 20 Must Have Christmas Toys for Children 2017 Bright-Starts-Having-a-Ball-Get-Rollin-Activity-Table-1 20 Must Have Christmas Toys for Children 2017

Perfect your growing child as can be used from sitting to all the way to starting to walk. Watch as they get carried away with all the lights and songs and then watch the ball disappear down the middle and appear at different legs.

  • Lego City Volcano

LEGO-City-Volcano 20 Must Have Christmas Toys for Children 2017 LEGO-City-Volcano-1 20 Must Have Christmas Toys for Children 2017

Do you want to keep your children busy for a long time? LEGO City Volcano will help you achieve what you want. The LEGO set features 6 mini-figures, mobile operation vehicles, volcano and more individual pieces to allow your children to enjoy their time while playing.


Article written by Elliot

As a trained CIMT therapist, I love seeing the amazing changes that people make throughout the programme. I enjoy the intensity of the programme and the bond you make with the patients and their families, but making the programme fun to me is very important to me as seeing the patients have fun whilst they improve is very rewarding.

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