Our Goals

Our goals are to:

Achieve patient-centred results that are meaningful and improve quality of life in every constraint induced movement therapy programme we deliver.

Promote constraint induced movement therapy to relevant individuals, parents, caregivers, health professionals, charities, insurance companies, case managers, GPs and commissioners across the UK and Europe.

Have strong links with charities and health professionals resulting in direct referral pathways.

Raise awareness of the benefits of constraint induced movement therapy through use of videos, social media, marketing and training.

Have funding supported through charities, insurance, case managers and commissioners so that all patients are able to access the service.

Provide a constraint induced movement therapy service across multiple locations in the UK.

Have a team of constraint induced movement therapy specialists who regularly review the evidence base and reflect on clinical experience to ensure each programme is delivered to the highest standard.

Deliver constraint induced movement therapy programmes to all patient groups in line with the evidence base.

Ensure all constraint induced movement therapy programmes are led by a therapist who has undergone extensive and specialist training.

Ensure all team members are passionate about achieving meaningful results for every patient and committed to continually developing in line with robust clinical evidence.

Be acknowledged as experts in constraint induced movement therapy. When someone thinks of constraint therapy, they think of us.

Be advocates and educators of constraint induced movement therapy.

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What length of programme is best?

Our therapists will recommend programme length based on their assessment findings. Generally the less functional movement to start with, the longer the programme recommendation.

We offer a minimum programme length of 2 weeks – the evidence does not support any less!

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